Boardman Road Team Bike Review

Does The Boardman Road Team Bike Live Up To The Standards Set By Its Olympian Designer?

Boardman Road Team Bike

Cycling is no longer just a hobby for a summers afternoon or a leisurely bike ride, it is a sport that enthusiasts are taking much more seriously and the manufacturers of the Boardman Road Team Bike are fully aware of this.

This Boardman product is the latest in a range created under the guidance of Olympic champion Chris Boardman and it aims to provide competition level performance and parts – a concept that is surely even more appeal after the sport’s high profile at the 2012 games.

This road bike model uses top components such the Shimano 105 dual pivot brakes and 20 speed gear system to ensure a great ride as well as an ultra-light T700 carbon frame, Mavic Aksium silver wheelset, FSA Gossamer Pro BB30 50/34 compact chain set and an accurate carbon steerer.

The specification of this Boardman road bike has the makings of a top road bike that cyclists can be proud of but does it have the performance to match?

What advantages can this Boardman Road Team Carbon Bike offer to avid cyclists?

The user reviews for this Boardman Carbon Road Team Bike are full of praise and recommendations and one of the main benefits that is constantly highlighted is the high-end specification. As some buyers have pointed out, this model is a definite upgrade on previous Boardman bikes and shows an impressive improvement on the components used.

Boardman Road Team Carbon Bike

Although very few parts of this product come in for criticism, the majority of buyers suggest that it has all-round, high-quality specification and it is clear that the T700 carbon frame is a particularly advantageous addition to the bike as are the new, reinforced spoke eyelets and box chain.

Of course a 5 star specification and feature list can only be considered an advantage if it provides a great performance. This is certainly the case with this Boardman Road Team Bike and there is a sense that this is not just a well designed sporting bike but one that is also enjoyable to use.

The light weight of this model, which is approximately 8.25kg, makes this an speedy bike and it has a smooth, agile handling – for the most part. Additionally, this bike is considered to be a durable piece of equipment and is easy to assemble.

Does this Boardman Road Team Bike have any flaws?

While the majority of online testimonials for this Boardman Team road bike are full of praise for the performance and quality, there are a few minor disadvantages that users should be aware of. The quality of the tyres are a common complaint because buyers feel they are not up to the standard of the rest of the bike and there are also comments regarding the seat and the performance of the bike on fast bends.

These issues do little to detract from the overall appeal of this bike because this is the only area where the performance is not smooth and the tyres can be easily replaced with a different brand.

Another minor issue is the look of the bike, a subject that has received mixed reviews because some buyers like the neutral style and colour choices while others question the use of white on the seat.

Boardman Team Road Bike

The Boardman bike is meant to be striking with its monochrome, simplistic design but buyers should be aware that it is heavily branded – so there is no hiding the fact you bought a Boardman – and there have been complaints about the quality of the paintwork.

Summary: is this Boardman carbon bike a worthwhile purchase?

In short, this Boardman bike appears to be a value for money item that is highly recommendable for cycling fans, even if there is a chance that you may have to pay out a little extra for some replacement tires.

User reviews suggest that this is top quality bike that has surprised many with the high-end specification and low price tag and it has the potential to continue providing great value because it is built to last a long time.

It may have some issues with the style, as well as a few minor faults in the performance and features, but this Boardman bike is a lightweight, desirable sporting bike with some great components and it should easily please the majority of cyclists.

You can check out more customer reviews about this Boardman Road Team Bike at Halfords here.


  1. Mark oakley says:

    I would just like to say my team carbon 2012 road bike is like a Swiss watch every thing is perfect loving it every time I go out……. We’ll done Chris for a cool bike one agian

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